Well I’d be lying to say I’m not tickled pink that you want to know more about me, and I sure hope to get to know you, as well.

If we were to meet in person, you would quickly realize that I love to laugh, and I’m passionate about inspiring and encouraging others. I’m an optimist at heart and live for an abundance mentality and a heart full of grace.

For the last 3 years I have been building my art business and have had the fortunate opportunity to become a 2 time published illustrator and seasoned chalk artist and hand lettering professional. I also cohost a local Handmade Vintage Market with a few friends that has been a great way to uplift and encourage other small businesses, which I LOVE.

To say I’m a multipreneur or serial entrepreneur is an understatement, because creative ideas are always running through my blood. I’m always looking for a side hustle to add another income stream to my brand.

I’ll be honest, being a mompreneur with a creative business where you are the sole person doing all the creating on top of everything else it takes to run a successful business is both exhausting and time consuming (and expensive if you want to learn how to run it like a real profitable business).

And when your 6 year old daughter says she thinks she should go to day care because you’re always working, I new something needed to change.

So I began searching for a way to to add an additional income from home that I could do part-time that would provide the time leverage I need to be present and available for my kiddos and allow me the flexibility to choose which custom art projects I take on without the pressure just to make an income but because it’s a passion of mine.

I found a way to significantly contribute to our family financially, so that my husband doesn’t have to sacrifice even more hard hours working overtime than he already does.

When I discovered a mentorship program that showed me how I could build a network marketing business online without annoying my friends and family, I knew I had found my answer to fulfill my desire to be a great wife and mom while still being fulfilled by personal development and advancement in business.

I didn’t want to do home parties or meetings that took me outside of the home, so I began looking for an online duplicatable system in an industry that I knew I could be passionate about. I looked into companies in essential oils, health and wellness, skin care and beauty and travel.

One of the best things about my art business finally making a profit last year was getting to go on our first family vacation to Disney World. That week made all that hard work getting my books published so worth it to me. Travel is something we want to do more of as a family without my husband having to spend even more time at work to pay for it.

While researching the network marketing industry, I dipped my toes in a couple companies to research from the inside out, but it wasn’t until I found my current company that I knew without a doubt I wanted to stake my flag and call it home.

So I publicly launched my new venture with confidence.

Now I’m currently expanding my brand and building a rocking team of inspiring people that want to help others live a healthy and abundant life getting to enjoy what they love.

I’m continuing to create digital art that inspires and encourages small business owners which you can find in my shop, and I have a passion for teaching others what I’m learning through my journey.

In the last year alone, I’ve invested thousands of dollars into courses to increase my value to give back to my tribe. Everything from blogging, course creating, launching a product, email marketing, niche marketing, affiliate marketing, network marketing, prospecting and recruiting, list building, productivity and personal branding. Whew!

Really looking forward to sharing my knowledge and connecting with you!

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