Group Mentoring

Most network marketers get into the business thinking they’ll be in business “for themselves by not by themselves.”

They are told they’ll have a duplicatable system and all the tools to succeeed.


Most network marketers run out of friends and family to talk to and are struggling with lead generation and leveraging the Internet to grow their business.


Because most companies do not teach you MARKETING.

They teach you to make a list of 100 people, start cold calling strangers, prospecting the clerk at your grocery store or blitzing cars with flyers.

Yes, prospecting is important and can get you in momentum quickly, but marketing is long term and will attract people TO you so you don’t have to spend all your time hunting for people and chasing your friends and family.

Get access to the same marketing and training platform I used to rank advance 3 times in my first 2 months as a newbie network marketer…without bugging my friends and family or approaching strangers.

What this platform will teach you is personal branding, lead generation and REAL marketing strategies.

This training platform combined with my mentoring will set you up for success.

The platform you’re about to get access to is EMP. The membership is on a month to month basis and can be cancelled at any time, so there’s no contract or obligation. Not only will EMP give you the necessary tools to operate your business, but it will also equip you with personal development which is absolutely crucial.

Here’s What You Get:

✔ How to use Attraction Marketing principles to grow your home business, so that you become the hunted instead of the hunter.

✔ How to effectively brand and market yourself online so that people come to YOU interested in what you have to offer.

✔ Traffic Generation & Marketing Tools that help you generate targeted leads for your particular niche.

✔ Elite Marketing Pro Automated Sales System

✔ Access to Authority Blogging System Pro – get set up with your own personally branded blog in just a few days

✔ Access to PageCreatorPro – capture page and funnel creation software.

✔ Private Mastermind Group where you can ask questions, get unstuck in your business and have access to top leaders in the industry

✔ Commissions On Exclusive Elite Marketing Pro Products

✔ Exclusive Elite Training – weekly webinars and monthly training just for members


✔ Free Elite Marketing Pro Insider Subscription


✔ IGNITION COACHING PROGRAM with a 12 module roadmap & 3 private coaching calls

✔ Full access to me as your affiliate sponsor through Facebook messenger to answer your questions

✔ Private Facebook Group for mompreneurs

If you were to pay for all of this separately, it would be hundreds and hundreds of dollars every single month. With EMP you’re only paying $47 per month or you can opt for the annual plan of only $297.


There’s also a 10 day trial for $1 to get started, so you can see the system from the inside and see if it’s for you. Then it’s only $47/mo, where you not only get access to the tools and trainings, but also to an amazing community and the top leaders in the industry.


If you opt to not take the $1 trial, you can start today for only $37/mo and get the Attraction Marketing Formula for free, or save with a 30 day money back guarantee and purchase the annual plan for $295 and still get Attraction Marketing Formula for free. (3 month payment plan option available).


Plus you get to license EMP’s best selling products and earn affiliate commission, making the membership a no-brainer.

So if you’re dead serious about learning real marketing skills that will launch your business to the lifestyle status you’ve dreamed of, this is your BEST option.

When you make a decision to get started, click on the button below to message me on Facebook, so we can discuss your goals and get your action plan in place.

1-on-1 Success Mentoring & Accountability Program

Studies show that we achieve more when we have positive social pressure to do so. Throughout life you may have had parents, teachers, sports coaches and bosses who have pushed you.


With a home business, you really have to be able to motivate yourself, and you may need someone to challenge you to give you that extra nudge and kick in the pants. Maybe you feel overwhelmed with all your ideas and goals and need someone to first help you sort them, strategize your focus items and then hold you accountable to take action and quit procrastinating. 


As your success mentor I will be your accountability partner to push you to do more and get your brand and marketing strategy in place.

Here’s What’s Included in the 4-week Success Mentoring and Accountability Program:


✔ An initial 30-minute clarity call

✔ One 30-minute coaching call with me each week for 4 weeks

✔ A private Facebook group with video training each week, so you can rewatch what I have taught you

✔ Full access to me through our private group as well as Facebook Messenger so you can ask questions during the program

✔ Create a daily method of operation for massive consistency & results in your business


✔ Week 1:  Facebook marketing strategy

✔ Week 2:  Personally branded blog strategy

✔ Week 3:  Content ideas for your blog & social media

✔ Week 4:  Email marketing and lead magnet strategy



✔ Attraction Marketing Formula ebook

✔ IGNITION COACHING PROGRAM BONUS & 12 Module Roadmap to achieve your goals


Apply below to see if you qualify.

Want to work with me in my Network Marketing company where my training and accountability is included? Apply HERE.


Custom Digital Brand Implementation 8-week Program

Now that you understand the value of building your personal brand, let’s chat about your digital online presence.

This is where I can use my graphic design expertise to help you create and implement your brand strategy.


Here’s What’s Included in the 8-week Custom Digital Branding Implementation Program:

✔ An initial 30-minute clarity call

✔ Week 1: Brand Theme (colors, fonts, patterns)

✔ Week 2:  Logo Design

✔ Weeks 3-4:  Blog design (Home Page, 3 Custom Pages, Blog)

✔ Week 5:  Pinterest graphic template for Blog Posts

✔ Week 6:  Facebook and/or YouTube Page Header

✔ Week 7:  Lead Magnet Template Creation

✔ Week 8:  Facebook ad graphic template for launch


This is open to ONLY 2 people every 2 months because of my time commitment to YOU, so it will be first come, first served. 

Apply below to get on the wait list.