I’m a member of quite few Facebook groups to network with other entrepreneurs, other moms, and other artists. I try to contribute by answering questions when I can. In one of the groups a woman posted this question, “Do legitimate work from home opportunities exist?

And oh my word! It was like she was a dead carcass and all the MLM’ers came out like vultures pitching her their companies. As a network marketer myself, I cringed at every response.

Yes, we all know money can be made in network marketing and in pretty much every direct sales company. At the same time, a lot of people don’t make money either.

So what’s the big difference?

Some people run it like a real business with strategy and marketing know how, while others have never been taught how. The ones that never learn how wind up in the NFL club (no friends left) while those that master marketing go on to achieve wild success.

An understanding of marketing is crucial for any business to run profitably.

That’s a fact no matter what industry you are in and no matter whether it’s run from home, online or out of a brick and mortar shop.

Running a business also takes money to make money. There is no easy button. There is a difference between an “opportunity” and a “job.” If she was looking for a legitimate work from home “job” vs an opportunity, I’d say those are hard to come by. If they were easy, everyone would be doing it.

There really are so many ways to work from home. You can create info products, create courses, become a virtual assistant, freelance graphic design, sell handmade goods, blogging and affiliate marketing, and of course network marketing. But with all of these comes a level of learning and an investment in time, tools and resources.

I definitely think multi-level marketing and affiliate marketing are smart business model. For someone just venturing out into entrepreneurship, it’s really smart to learn how to market other people’s products first before creating and marketing your own.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs and multi-millionaires started out in network marketing before they ventured out to create massive empires of their own.

In this post, I reveal 9 questions you should ask yourself before joining a network marketing company.

Not only that, but when you join a team that can teach you how to run a network marketing business like a real business, then you’re set up for success as long as you follow the proven system.

The main thing is you still have to do the work! Again, there is no magical easy button.

Back to that woman’s question in the Facebook group. I did leave a comment for her, but I definitely didn’t pitch her my business opportunity. Instead I gave her an honest answer that in a nutshell, yes, there are legitimate work from home opportunities, but nothing is free or easy.

Even with my art business I had to invest way more money than I did to get started with my network marketing company with my printer, ink, paper, shipping supplies, postage and fees to list items on Etsy.

Then I had to invest in courses and mentorship to learn the skills and strategies to grow my business. Venturing into entrepreneurship in the handmade space doesn’t come with an “upline” or “sponsor” to show you a step by step system to follow with accessible training to help you grow your business. I was all on my own and responsible for wearing every hat.

Even in the beginning, with no money to invest, I knew how important it was to seek out someone further along than I to mentor me personally. I also found a mastermind group of other handmade sellers who were facing the same struggles and achieving success.

When I came across my current mentorship program, I sure wished I would’ve found it several years ago when I first started my handmade business to teach me the power and strategy of marketing and attracting my ideal customers to me, rather than burning out trying to figure it all out on my own.

For a more seasoned entrepreneur, adding another stream of income through network marketing is brilliant. The residual income and personal development is not only smart but fulfilling, and I think of it like fishing or managing a stock portfolio: it’s much better to have multiple fishing poles in the water and diversifying your financial investments to get the best return and yield the most fish!

So yes, Facebook friend, there are legitimate work from home opportunities. Just promise to learn what it takes to run a business. If you’re looking for a “job” it might be better to continue working where you’re working. But if you’re looking for an “opportunity,” those are endless!

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