Duck Glitter Bunting and Striped Wooden Frame Tutorial

First of all, who doesn’t love the look of glitter WITHOUT THE MESS of glitter?!

I have had these square frames that were a $1 each from Michael’s since last year and thought I should do something fun with them finally. I had two existing screws in our wall that I thought the frames would hang perfectly on, which then gave me the idea of some sort of small bunting to drape from one frame to the other.

My original intent was to paint candy cane-like stripes on the frames to go along with the rest of our red and white decor, and of course use the same red and white twine cording I used on the last two projects for the bunting. You can check those tutorials out here and here. Then I thought about how easy it would be to keep straight lines by using some colorful tape rather than painting perfect stripes by hand.

Thank you WalMart for red Duck Glitter tape! I think it turned out to be just what I was looking for!

Supplies needed:

Red Duck Glitter tape
Maya Road red and white twine cording
2 unfinished wooden square frames ($1 each) WalMart carries them, too.
White Folk Art acrylic paint
paint brush

photo 1

Super Easy Steps:

1. When peeling off the plastic wrap from the frames, leave the clear plastic piece that is stapled onto the back for hanging.
2. Paint the sides of the frames first and then the front. Leave the cardboard square in the center of the frame while painting.
3. Once the paint dries, remove the cardboard square centers and stick on the duck glitter tape as shown in the pictures below, wrapping the tape around to the back.
4. When taping the middle sections, start from the inside and work your way to the outside so you don’t have excess tape you have to trim from the middle. See picture how the tape should lay.
5. Now it’s time for the bunting! Fold over a piece of the duck glitter tape over the twine, so that the tape flap measures about 2″ tall.
6. Starting from the center of the bottom of the tape flag, cut diagonally to make a triangle.
7. Repeat 4 more times, leaving the same width as the tape inbetweeen each tape flag.
8. Tape each end of the twine cording to the back of the frames and display on your wall!

Easy as that…and here are the pictures! We all love pictures!

It really is as easy as it looks! What crafty Christmas projects have you been up to?